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Speedtest now has a monthly ranking of global internet speeds

Speedtest now has a monthly ranking of global internet speeds


Yeah, you already knew the US would be down there

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Speedtest has long been the go-to for measuring internet speed, and now it’s launched the Speedtest Global Index, a monthly global ranking that allows you to see how your country stacks up when it comes to internet speed.

The Global Index compiles data from the billions of tests consumers run on the service, and shows both mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world. Set to be updated monthly, each country’s ranking shows both its average download speed, as well as any difference in rank from the previous month. Click through on an individual country, and view both its average download and upload speed.

Speedtest’s blog seems to indicate that charts tracking performance will also appear on individual country pages as monthly reports continue to publish, allowing people to “uncover trends and detect potential storylines.”

This is certainly not the only internet speed ranking, but it is fun to see how countries move up and down the charts. Cyprus, for example, moved up a whopping 21 positions in mobile ranking from last month’s data to number 35, while France moved down five positions in the same chart to number 37. If you’re wondering how the US fares... we’re down at number 46 for mobile under Montenegro, Sweden, and Hungary, and at number nine for broadband. (Hey, not bad!) Only three countries appear in the top 10 for both categories: Singapore, South Korea, and Iceland.