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Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Silver and Black will hit theaters in 2019

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Silver and Black will hit theaters in 2019


Silver and Black will follow Sony’s Venom film by just a couple of months

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Earlier this year, Sony announced that it is moving forward with Silver and Black, a film featuring comic book heroes Black Cat and Silver Sable as part of a planned Spider-man cinematic universe. Now, the studio has set a release date for the film: February 8th, 2019.

The timing here is interesting, because Sony has already set a date for another film set in this new cinematic universe. Venom will hit theaters on October 5th, 2018, which means Silver and Black will follow it up fairly quickly.

Black Cat and Silver Sable are two heroes that frequently show up in Spider-man’s world. Black Cat (the alter ego of Felicia Hardy) is a world-renowned cat burglar who sometimes allies herself with Spider-man. Silver Sable (also known as Silver Sablinova) is the CEO of Silver Sablel International, a mercenary who also allies herself with Peter Parker. Sony is clearly banking on the popularity of Spider-man following the success of this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and is hoping to get its own universe up and running after its first abortive attempt back in 2014.

But while Sony shares the rights to the character with Marvel Studios, these two new films won’t be in the same continuity as the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe that contains the Avengers, and Tom Holland’s Spider-man. It’s also unlikely that Holland’s character will actually appear in the universe, especially given that Marvel is planning to follow up Homecoming with two more films, which means that Sony’s Spider-man universe is going to have to stand on its own without its signature character for now.