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Snapchat adds a Pikachu filter for your kawaii pokémon needs

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Pokémon is making an entrance into the Snapchat game in the form of a filter with a familiar mascot. If you boot up the app right now, you can add Pikachu’s yellow ears, nose, and dotted cheeks to your otherwise boring face.

Like Snapchat’s best filters, the Pikachu mask is a cute idea with a slightly creepy execution. In addition to rounding out your face, the filter also bugs out your eyes in faux-anime style. Opening your mouth hole will summon a tiny Pikachu who screams and tries to electrocute your poor imitation.

The filter will only be around for a limited amount of time, though The Pokémon Company International did not specify how long it will be available. Better get your Pikachu poses in now.

My co-worker Chaim generously offers up his terrifying Pika face.