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Facebook Messenger now makes Spotify suggestions based on your conversations

Facebook Messenger now makes Spotify suggestions based on your conversations


Prompted by a variety of phrases

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Photo by Amelia Krales / The Verge

Facebook Messenger’s intelligent assistant M now delivers Spotify suggestions when music is brought up in conversation. The prompts are triggered by a variety of phrases and specific words. For example, type “play some music” or “listen to music” in Messenger, and M will offer to “Find Music” in Spotify. If a specific artist is named, then M asks those in the conversation if they want to listen to that artist in Spotify. These artist-specific Spotify prompts may appear even without contextual words like “music” or “listen,” as shown below.

Spotify suggestions in Facebook Messenger
Image via Facebook Messenger

If you tap on the prompt, a webview appears that delivers Spotify content. If the prompt was “Find Music,” the webview shows your recently played Spotify songs, your playlists, and the suggestion to create a group playlist. If the prompt was artist-specific, then the webview shows popular songs from that artist, along with their albums and playlists they appear on.

Spotify’s integration with Facebook Messenger began in March, with an implementation that (clumsily) allowed people to choose songs and playlists and send them to others. At the time, Spotify told The Verge that "users can expect further enhancements,” and in April, the Spotify Messenger bot launched along with a chat extension. In June, Group Playlists for Messenger arrived, which allowed users to collaborate on shared playlists by picking and adding songs in Spotify through Messenger itself.