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Here’s what a phone sees when it falls from a plane and survives

Here’s what a phone sees when it falls from a plane and survives


This could be an elaborate ad for Samsung

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A Samsung Galaxy S5 allegedly fell from a plane and miraculously survived after landing in someone’s yard. It also happened to record the whole thing and was returned to its owner, Blake Henderson, with the hilarious footage inside.

The 11-minute video posted on YouTube by the phone owner’s nephew, Robert Ryan, shows a clear landscape for the first few seconds, as Henderson is recording nearby aircraft from inside the plane. Then, there’s a blur of blue and green as the phone apparently gets sucked out of the plane and falls rapidly from a height of 1,000 feet. This all happens in the first minute of the video.

The rest of the video is the phone laying there, recording the wind blowing gently on some greens and men with Kentucky accents in the background chatting. Around the 7:30-minute mark, the men stomp closer, sounding a lot like Godzilla, and discover the phone.

“Oop, here’s your phone,” one man says in a hilarious exchange, while the camera’s still pointed at the luscious bushes.

“Whoa, how the hell did it get down there? This ain’t my phone,” says the other guy.

“Oh, it ain’t?”

“Nah, mine’s in my pocket.”

“It’s got recording on, too,” says the first guy, after which he decides to keep the recording on. Clearly falling 1,000 feet doesn’t hurt the sound recording functions on the Galaxy S5.