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Undertale’s release on PlayStation 4 and Vita today is a perfect reason to revisit it

Undertale’s release on PlayStation 4 and Vita today is a perfect reason to revisit it


One of the best games of 2015 gets a fresh start

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If you missed Undertale when it was released on PC in 2015, now is a great time to fix that. The critically acclaimed game is out today on PlayStation 4 and Vita for $14.99.

The fanfare around Undertale reached an undeniable frenzy after its release, and for good reason: it’s a role-playing adventure in the vein of Earthbound and the Mario & Luigi series, and it has a quirky, offbeat humor to it along with a catchy soundtrack. In Undertale’s world, humans once coexisted peacefully with monsters. Players take on the role of a child who’s stumbled into the monster’s domain and has the choice to either fight or friend the creatures they encounter. These battles play out through a series of mini-games, where you dodge on-screen obstacles, talk with monsters, and so on. It’s actually possible to complete the game without killing a single one.

But it’s not just perseverance that makes pacifism the compelling choice. Each encounter is a chance to build a relationship with a monster, whether it’s boosting their self-esteem or encouraging them to join you in a wiggle dance. If you choose violence, characters will take note. The way they react to you, and how your actions impact the game’s world, have a real, tangible consequence on your journey. And the game rewards completion with different endings, and characters that remember your past actions.

Undertale is a beautifully crafted game. Even if you don’t have the appetite to sink dozens of hours into several playthroughs, it’s worth spending some time in its funny, charming little world.