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Baby Driver is better when it stars the Snapchat hot dog

Trailer of the year

In Baby Driver, Ansel Elgort stars as a getaway car driver with an arsenal of good playlists. What it does not feature is the Snapchat hot dog. Luckily, one wonderful and talented human has fixed this for everyone’s benefit.

YouTuber BigVanElecMan recut the entire Baby Driver trailer with the beat-bumping meat tube. The video, spotted by Mashable, simply replaces Elgort with this smiling goof. It adds far more character to the love-story-slash-car-chase-thriller, including why Debora (Lily James) falls deeply in love with Baby in roughly two seconds (hot dogs are great), and why people wouldn’t trust this getaway driver (he is a hot dog).

It’s worth a shout-out to Snapchat hot dog’s performance for his brave and enduring take on the character. Nothing can stop his joyful bouncing: not botched heists, a story that sharply declines in the third act, or even poor treatment of every on-screen female character.