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Iron Marines is the new game from the creators of Kingdom Rush, out September 14th

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Like Starcraft, but cuter

Developer Ironhide Games is best known for its original tower defense hit Kingdom Rush along with its sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers and prequel Kingdom Rush Origins. Now, three years after Origins’ release, the studio has finally taken the wraps off of its long-gestating new mobile game. Iron Marines looks to take the same incredibly colorful, cartoonish style of the Kingdom Rush series, and transplants it from a fantasy to a sci-fi setting.

The Kingdom Rush series date back to the heady days of early 2012. A time when most people still used an iPhone 4S, and tower defense games were the hottest thing around. Of the many games looking to take the tower defense genre’s crown at the time, nothing beat Kingdom Rush for sheer polish and and visual panache. Iron Marines looks to change up the formula, however, moving from the static defendable maps of Kingdom Rush towards a full, real-time strategy title more similar to an adorable, miniature Starcraft.

For now, there’s only a trailer that shows off some of the gameplay of Iron Marines, but fans of Ironhide’s earlier games won’t have to wait too much longer to try it out. Iron Marines will be available on both Android and iOS on September 14th.