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Walmart’s Vudu video streaming service is coming to Apple TV on August 22nd

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Watch your UltraViolet collection without needing AirPlay

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Walmart has confirmed a native app for Vudu, its video streaming service, is set to become widely available on Apple TV beginning August 22nd.

The creation and integration of an app had been discussed since March, when a Vudu engineer confirmed it was “in development” on the official Vudu forums. Currently, Vudu users have to use AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad to watch movies and shows on Apple’s set-top box

The service offers more than 100,000 titles that can be rented or purchased and also supports UltraViolet, a digital cloud locker for video that has become the entertainment industry standard. Vudu also allows customers to convert over 8,000 movies from disc to digital by scanning a film’s barcode, allows purchased titles to be shared multiple times without additional charge, and offers 4k support.

While Vudu is currently supported on 179 platforms, Apple TV was a notable exception due to, as Apple Insider notes, Apple policies that “deter third parties from selling movies and shows directly through iOS and tvOS.”