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Dating app Hinge is rewarding successful couples with ‘milestone’ gifts

Dating app Hinge is rewarding successful couples with ‘milestone’ gifts

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If you’ve successfully navigated the hellscape that is modern app-driven dating (in this case, specifically the Hinge plane), the company has a reward in store for you. Hinge is running a weeklong online promotion in which couples who met on the app can redeem their love for a physical gift.

The reward system is measured through “milestones” like becoming exclusive, moving in, or getting married. Each monumental moment has a corresponding present, such as a pillow, a bottle of wine, or one of those vibrators recently involved in a class action lawsuit. Couples can choose one gift — first-come first-serve! — and they must fill out a form and share their stories in order to qualify.

Of course, tracking your first sleepover or when you met someone’s parents isn’t exactly the kind of thing most people keep dedicated notes on. A spokesperson for Hinge told The Verge that it will verify the date a couple connected on the app, and then take their word that they’ve reached the milestone in question. Scout’s honor that you really adopted a dog together, not a lizard.