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VR social network AltspaceVR is back from the dead

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Virtual reality social network AltspaceVR is staying online, after abruptly announcing its shutdown late last month. Despite a sudden drop in funding, the platform now says it’s “deep in discussions” with unspecified parties who “want to guarantee that our virtual oasis stays open.” A small crew of people is keeping the site running with bare-bones support, and community members stepped in to help manage it during the shutdown process. “We are so thankful that you, our hosts, and our community have made what AltspaceVR is today — a place worth saving,” reads a letter sent to users last night.

AltspaceVR said in July that investors were too apprehensive about VR to keep funding the 35,000-strong community, and when a deal for its next round of funding fell through, it had no choice but to shut down. We don’t know who’s behind its resurrection, but it could be Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, who asked Twitter followers whether he should save the platform. And in another move supporting this theory, Luckey himself tweeted the news last night.