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What's the fascination of watching other people play video games?

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Amelia Krales

About a month ago, my colleague Dan Seifert admitted on Twitter that he basically does not understand me as a person:

Instead of lashing out in his mentions, I sat on that information until the other day, when I finally connected with Dan over Skype to hash it all out. Now you can enjoy our conversation in podcast form, thanks to the Verge Extras feed, which you should definitely subscribe to if you haven't already.

For reference, here are a few of the Twitch streamers I mention in our conversation: Kripparian, Seagull, Bacon Donut, Giant Waffle, Bjergsen. Also, if you want to watch USA defeat New Zealand in the Overwatch World Cup, that’s over on YouTube, or you can dig through the Twitch archives for the rest of the matches.