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Kickstarter will launch in Japan on September 13th

Kickstarter will launch in Japan on September 13th

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Photo: Kickstarter

Kickstarter is coming to Japan on September 13th. The company confirmed the date in an emailed announcement today and said interested creators should email Although people from Japan could always back a project, or launch their own through a partnership with a US-based partner, they can now launch their own using a local Japanese bank account and a local form of identification. Kickstarter will be in Japanese, too.

The launch was initially announced back in May. Obviously this move means we might be able to purchase the cute gadgets from Japan we've always wanted. I just hope the gadget makers over there are better at getting their projects shipped, as I know many US-based backers have been disappointed by campaigns that never fulfill their orders or ship years after their crowdfunding effort has ended. Kickstarter's already available in 21 countries, including Mexico, the US, Canada, and much of Europe.