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OurMine targets HBO’s social media accounts in its latest hacking attempt

Security woes continue

Image: HBO

HBO’s last few weeks have been filled with hacks and leaks of scripts, episodes of shows like Game of Thrones, and personal information of the cast and crew. Now, it appears that hacker group OurMine took over the company’s social media accounts last night.

The social media hack was first reported by Variety (which, coincidentally, was once the target of an OurMine hack itself). In a screenshot of the alleged breach, hackers tweeted from the official HBO account that they were “just testing your security.”

OurMine has previously taken advantage of malicious or compromised plugins; their list of hacked targets includes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and BuzzFeed. The attacks on HBO appear to be unrelated to previous leaks.

Variety reports that, in addition to HBO’s main Twitter account, the group also briefly took control of the Game of Thrones account. Both accounts are functioning normally again, for now.