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Apple hypes iOS 11 with new iPad Pro videos

Apple hypes iOS 11 with new iPad Pro videos


Learn how to use the software that isn’t actually out yet

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With Apple preparing to release iOS 11 in the coming weeks, it's starting to show off some of the new features in a series of how-to videos that highlight some of the major additions to the iPad coming this fall.

The videos show off some of the marquee features, including how the new Dock works, the mark-up function, and more. Some of the videos are a bit simplistic (like how the Files app works), but others are genuinely useful, especially for things like explaining the complicated new multitasking system and the array of gestures that are built into the software.

Funnily enough, the videos all start by telling you that you’ll need a copy of iOS 11 and an iPad, something that most people can’t actually get their hands on yet. (I’m working off the assumption that anyone willing to install an experimental public or developer beta of pre-release software on their device probably isn’t the intended audience for Apple’s cutesy how-tos.) But these will definitely come in handy to send to a relative or two next month when I get a confused email about why the iPad looks different all of a sudden.