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Plex Live TV arrives on Android and Apple TV

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With time shifting, too

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Plex Live TV on Android

Plex Live TV is now available to users of Apple TV and Android, who join iOS and Android TV users in the ability to watch live television programming, including sports and local news, from within their Plex apps. Today's launch also brings time shifting support, allowing viewers to pause/play, rewind, and fast forward Plex Live TV.

Launched in June, Live TV requires the purchase of a Plex Pass subscription and digital tuner hardware to tap into that free over-the-air television signal. A Plex media server combined with Plex DVR and Live TV (both now officially out of beta) creates a one-stop shop for cord cutters to watch live and recorded television — in addition to their personal videos, images, and music — from just about any device with a screen. That's a compelling proposition for people with terabytes of media at home.

And if you're using a Roku or Fire TV, hold tight — Plex says Live TV and DVR are coming for you next.

Plex Live TV on Apple TV