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Microsoft’s custom Minecraft Xbox One looks like it came out of the game

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Microsoft appears to be about to unveil a special edition Xbox One S. While the software giant has previous bundled Minecraft with a white Xbox One S, a video posted to Facebook reveals that the company is introducing a limited edition console with Minecraft blocks etched into the device. It’s a mixture of the brown and green you’d expect to see on a Minecraft console, and even the controller is a blocky mix of green and black.

Minecraft fans will love it, and it’s an impressive limited edition if you like custom consoles. An Italian blog first spotted a video promo for the new console on an official Minecraft Facebook page, and Microsoft is expected to unveil it later today at the company’s Gamescom event in Germany. There’s no information on pricing or storage for the custom Minecraft console, but we’ll likely hear about both later today. Microsoft is also expected to unveil a Project Scorpio limited edition version of the new Xbox One X.