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Microsoft opens preorders for Minecraft special edition Xbox One S

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Microsoft showed off a new Minecraft-themed special edition version of the Xbox One S console during its Gamescom press conference in Cologne, Germany today, confirming the news first teased in a Facebook video posted earlier today that gave us a glimpse of the gorgeous pixel art paint job.

Microsoft says the device comes with 1TB of storage. While we don’t have a product page on hand quite yet, you can expect it to retail for either $300 or $350, as other special edition bundles have in the past. Preorders are opening today with a release date of October 3rd.

The company also announced a pair of Middle-earth: Shadow of War Xbox One S bundles, one for a 500GB version of the console and a second 1TB version. The bundles come with all the in-game pre-order bonus items and cost $300 and $350 respectively.