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Microsoft is finally giving the Xbox One dashboard a light mode

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Xbox One light mode

Microsoft has hinted that it’s planning a light mode for the Xbox One for a while, but the company gave us a good look at it today. During a Gamescom press event, Microsoft’s Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra revealed the new white theme for the dashboard, and it looks a lot like the classic Xbox 360 UI. The light mode isn’t exactly white, but it looks more like a light grey for those who aren’t fond of the existing black dashboard.

A new Xbox One dashboard is arriving later this year, and Microsoft is currently testing this with its alpha ring Xbox Insiders. The new dashboard includes hints of Microsoft’s Fluent Design language, and a new home area for pinning games. Microsoft has also tweaked the guide so it’s easier to navigate with a controller, and made some of the built-in apps quicker to load. This new light mode will be available in the next Xbox One dashboard, expected to be available some time in October.