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The eclipse pulled 10 percent of Netflix US viewers away from the screen

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Nature reclaims some of our attention from the binge box

Photo by Luke Sharett for The Verge

Standing as testament to the enduring power of natural events to captivate human imaginations, yesterday’s eclipse managed to achieve a rare feat in dropping Netflix US viewer figures by 10 percent while it was happening. That statistical curio was revealed in a pair of overdramatized tweets from a Netflix Twitter account apparently wrecked by feelings of jealousy and abandonment:

Visible across the continental United States (provided clouds didn’t spoil your local party), the August 21st eclipse was the first of its kind for the country since way back in 1918. The next one is set to happen a little bit sooner, in April 2024, though it is expected to travel up through Mexico and mostly cover the Eastern United States. So yes, this last one was definitely an event worth pausing your binge sessions for.