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SNES Classic preorders are available today at physical GameStop stores

SNES Classic preorders are available today at physical GameStop stores


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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Nintendo is opening preorders for the SNES Classic today, and GameStop has announced how it’ll be handling the mad rush of customers looking to pick up the diminutive retro console: physical GameStop stores will be taking preorders for a $25 deposit. So, if you’re interested in trying your luck in person, I’d stop reading this post and run over to your nearest GameStop now. Supply, as is usual with Nintendo, will no doubt be extremely limited.

Supply will no doubt be extremely limited

The video game retailer will also be offering preorders for SNES Classics at some point later today online. But since this is GameStop, there is, of course, a catch: online preorders are only for pricier bundles that will no doubt include a bunch of extra junk you probably don’t want. Still, at least you’re likely to get the console, unlike the Walmart error last month that ended up getting tons of preorders canceled.

Amazon, Best Buy, and Target have all already blown out preorder stock in a matter of minutes, so GameStop might be your best bet for getting an SNES Classic. Worst case: GameStop says that it’ll have more stock available on September 29th, in the (likely) event that you don’t get your preorder locked in today.