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You can now purchase Nintendo Switch games with PayPal

You can now purchase Nintendo Switch games with PayPal

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An image of a Nintendo Switch on a table with its kickstand extended.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

PayPal today announced a new integration with Nintendo’s eShop so players can purchase digital versions of Switch games using a PayPal account. You can also now use PayPal as a payment option on Nintendo’s web store, so you can load up your digital wallet or purchase software direct from the site using your PayPal balance. The company says the feature is now live in a number of regions including the US, Japan, Canada, and more than two dozen countries in Europe. A full list can be found here.

The integration isn’t super groundbreaking stuff, considering PayPal is pretty ubiquitous these days. But it’s a nice addition for those who prefer the security and ease of PayPal over credit or debit. The Switch, given its portability, sounds like it’s fast becoming the preferred mobile gaming device of frequent travelers who may not keep active lines of credit in their home countries, so PayPal support is a good alternative to have on hand.