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Blizzard’s latest Overwatch short looks like it could have been made by Pixar

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Blizzard has premiered the latest Overwatch animated short at Gamescom, focusing on the ice-wielding hero, Mei.

“Rise and Shine” is the seventh short film the company has released so far set in the Overwatch world, joining “Recall,” “Alive,” “Dragons,” “Hero,” “Infiltration,” and “The Last Bastion.” The almost 10-minute-long video gives fans a deeper look into the backstory of Mei, who was cryogenically frozen for years while doing research in Antarctica, before rejoining the Overwatch organization in the present day. Like the other shorts, the level of quality in the animation really stands out. The company also released a new Hearthstone short, and it’s easy to mistake the animation at first glance for something at the level of, say, Pixar or DreamWorks.

Overwatch doesn’t really have a story mode, but Blizzard has been steadily building out the game’s lore in tons of supplemental material, including the shorts, comics, and in more subtle ways like character interactions and map Easter eggs.