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Twitter for Xbox One now lets you watch your timeline alongside videos

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Twitter for Xbox One

Twitter is updating its Xbox One app today to make it a lot more functional. The updated app will now let you actually log into Twitter to see your own timeline alongside videos, or relevant tweets / commentary. You can watch videos in fullscreen or with tweets displayed alongside content. Twitter’s previous app for Xbox One only let users view live content and top tweets, but it wasn’t relevant to your own timeline or who you follow.

Twitter’s app for Xbox One is still primarily about watching videos with this latest update though, so it’s still not got the same features that you’d find on the mobile or desktop variants. However, you can also watch two videos side-by-side now, and access free video or Periscope streams. The Periscope support even includes a global map to find videos from other countries. The new Twitter for Xbox One app is available immediately in the Windows Store.