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Facebook adds On This Day-style monthly and seasonal recaps

Facebook adds On This Day-style monthly and seasonal recaps

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Remember 2007? This exact day 10 years ago was when I moved to college to start freshman year at Syracuse University, and I know that off the top of my head because Facebook won’t let me forget it every time late August rolls around. Facebook’s memories feature is being expanded outside of On This Day to also recap months and seasons, presumably in an effort to remind you how fun using Facebook can be before all the baby pics and arguments over fake news.

in an effort to remind you how fun using Facebook is

Now, at the end of each month, Facebook might show you a recap of your photos and posts to highlight what went down in the past 30 or so days. At the end of the summer, you might also get a look back at posts shared over the season. Facebook already does this at the end of the year around New Year’s Day, but now it’s being broken down in smaller bits to encourage users to actively and regularly share photos on Facebook (at least compared to its sister network, Instagram.)

Facebook will also start to show milestone posts, such as how many friends you’ve added and how many likes you’ve garnered. The company said in a blog post that it plans to provide more metrics like this and make them shareable on your timeline in the future, so interpret that as you will for your own news feeds.

Lastly, an update to On This Day finally lets you mark a memory as negative so they wouldn’t resurface in the future (such as a vacation with an ex, that time you were in the hospital, or other sensitive moments.) Facebook says it already uses an algorithm to weed out potentially painful memories by monitoring the number of sad or angry reactions, but good memories can turn into bad ones without the AI knowing. "There's no way for Facebook to know that isn't a happy memory anymore," On This Day product researcher Artie Konrad tells Business Insider.

Timehop has implemented a similar feature back on Valentine’s Day 2015, but with Facebook, it’s always better late than never.