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Some Facebook and Instagram users are experiencing outages

Some Facebook and Instagram users are experiencing outages


At least Twitter is working

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Facebook and Instagram appear to be down for some users this morning with some unable to post and others unable to access the sites entirely.

Facebook users have reported issues accessing page mailboxes, uploading images, and posting updates, on both the mobile and web versions. Some users received messages saying that there was a “temporary problem with this post,” or an issue with a URL, and to try again in a few minutes. Other users were greeted with a message that Facebook is down for “required maintenance.”

Image: An0nim0_o

Instagram users also found some issues when trying to access the site this morning:

The outage doesn’t appear to be affecting all users, and the cause for issues aren’t immediately clear. A Facebook spokesperson told The Verge in an email that “a technical issue,” was the cause of the issue, and that the company is “currently restoring service for everyone.”

Update August 26th, 12:10PM: I’m experiencing some issues posting to Facebook of my own:

Update August 26th, 12:20PM: Included statement from Facebook.