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New trailers: Black Mirror, The Punisher, and more

New trailers: Black Mirror, The Punisher, and more

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Photo: Jessica Miglio / Netflix

I was pretty sucked in by Christine’s tailer when it hit last year, and now that the film is on Netflix, I finally got around to checking it out. It’s a really great movie — and Rebecca Hall’s performance is just amazing — but the weird thing is, part of me wishes it hadn’t been confined to reality.

The movie tells the story of the real life news anchor Christine Chubbuck, who shot herself on air. It follows her struggles at work and with depression, and it ultimately builds a really fascinating, compelling character. I’m not sure if it’s possible to detach her death from the story Christine is trying to tell, and yet something about the story makes me wish it were possible. Maybe it’s just that we assume stories will have a positive ending, and it feels weird when one doesn’t; or maybe I just ended up feeling as restless at the end as the movie wanted me to feel.

Check out nine trailers from this week below

Marvel's The Punisher

It’s hard to get a good sense for the series out of Netflix’s quick first teaser for The Punisher, but there are definitely a couple things we can take away. For one, there’s going to be a lot of blood and destruction. But it also looks like the show will focus on the character’s challenges dealing with what he’s been through as a solider — potentially tapping into the very human approach to superheroes that have made series like Jessica Jones so successful. It comes out sometime later this year.

Black Mirror

Here’s an extremely teasery first look at the next season of Black Mirror, which appears as wild and varied as ever. There isn’t a lot of detail here, but Netflix did also announce this season’s cast and directors this week, with one episode coming from Jodie Foster. It’s supposed to arrive in December, but there’s no exact release date just yet.

Human Flow

Amazon has a big new documentary from Ai Weiwei exploring the refugee crisis across nearly two dozen countries. It looks like a tremendously powerful film, especially since everything shown here happened over the last year, is still happening, and may well be getting worse in part from growing nationalist sentiments in Europe and the US. The film comes out October 13th.

Strong Island

Netflix has another true crime story coming up, but this time with a very different focus: the problem isn’t just an unsolved murder, it’s that white police officers seem to have totally ignored input from the black victim’s family. It comes out September 15th.

American Horror Story: Cult

There are creepy clowns, an election night flashback, and lots of screaming in this first trailer for American Horror Story’s new season. It looks creepy; but really, does anyone need to be freaked out by the election even more? The season starts September 5th.

Strike — The Cuckoo's Calling

BBC One is adapting J.K. Rowling’s detective novels — published under the Robert Galbraith pseudonym — into a TV serial. The show is called Strike, after its main character, Cormoran Strike, and the first season will follow along with the first of three books. The three-part first season starts August 27th.

Last Flag Flying

Richard Linklater’s films are all over the place, and after last year’s rowdy comedy, Everybody Wants Some!!, he’s coming back with a sober drama about three Vietnam veterans meeting again decades later to bury a son who died fighting in Iraq. Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne, and Bryan Cranston star. The film is technically a sequel to the 1970s book and movie The Last Detail and is written by the same author, but I’m not sure that you need to know anything about it. The movie comes out November 3rd before heading to Amazon.


Anthony Bourdain is behind this documentary that combines the beauty of cooking shows with an examination of our widespread food waste problem. Wasted! looks like it’s taking an interesting approach to the issue and, rather than going deep into the science of it, focuses on how chefs can help address the problem by turning otherwise wasted food into something delicious. It comes out October 13th.

Little Evil

Sometimes it feels like movies were made by twirling some knobs on the Netflix algorithm and seeing what criteria comes out. Adam Scott, evil child, corn field. Somehow, this will perfectly appeal to a precise segment of the movie-watching population. It comes out September 1st.