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Sony’s PlayStation VR is getting a price cut

Sony’s PlayStation VR is getting a price cut

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PlayStation VR Headset
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Sony is dropping the price of its two PlayStation VR bundles. The company announced today that it will start selling the $399 “core” PSVR set — which previously included only the headset — with a PlayStation Camera, which has a $59 list price. The more expensive $499 bundle, which includes a camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and the Sony-produced minigame collection PlayStation Worlds, has been dropped to $449. Both bundles will go on sale September 1st.

PlayStation VR has often been advertised as a $399 VR headset, but since you needed the external camera to use it, the true price for most people was higher at launch. Some retailers launched promotional bundles with a free camera earlier this year, but Sony is now making the drop official and permanent. The more expensive bundle’s discount also keeps PlayStation VR cheaper than the Oculus Rift, which got a permanent price drop to $499 last month.

All three major high-end VR headsets have seen price cuts this year; HTC brought the Vive down to $599 just last week. Compared to Oculus and HTC, Sony is making a modest reduction, but it’s also eliminating one of the PlayStation VR’s annoying hidden costs — and making the whole platform a little more attractive.