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LastPass doubles premium tier prices to $24 a year, and some users aren't thrilled

LastPass doubles premium tier prices to $24 a year, and some users aren't thrilled


Although that means it’s still just $2 a month

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When we wrote our guide to choosing and using a password manager, we made LastPass our top pick. The free version of the software is easy to use, and offers features that rivals make you pay for. But for premium users who need more functionality, LastPass made itself a little less attractive today by doubling its prices.

LastPass Premium used to cost $1 a month, and has now been upped to $2, with some small changes to functionality. Premium users used to be able to share unlimited items through a Dropbox-like folder, but this has apparently been dropped in favor of a vague feature that allows “one-to-many sharing.”

Current Premium users will keep the shared folder feature, but will be changed to the $2 a month price plan without debate. Users on the LastPass Facebook page expressed their disappointment at the decision, leaving comments like “This is how you thank longtime Premium subscription customers, by doubling the price?” LastPass responded by saying the changes were made to “reflect our investment in new features and line up.”

The change doesn’t seem fair to existing Premium users, with LastPass apparently trying to squeeze a few more bucks out these customers, as they’re happy to pay already. But, at $24 a year, LastPass Premium is still cheaper than some alternatives, and free users still get essential features like mobile syncing and two-factor authentication. Some perks, though, like electing emergency contacts to access your passwords, and unlimited file sharing, are now locked behind the paid tier. (The forthcoming multi-license LastPass Families option remains unchanged.)

Is LastPass still our pick for the best password manager? For free users, sure. But paid users might want to think twice — especially if LastPass keeps jacking up prices without warning.