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    Amazon’s Alexa can now play music for ‘hooking up’ and ‘baby-making’

    Amazon’s Alexa can now play music for ‘hooking up’ and ‘baby-making’


    ‘Alexa, play baby-making jazz music’

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    Amazon Echo

    Amazon announced today that it’s updating its Alexa voice assistant with the ability to play back music from the Amazon Music library based on specific activities, like meditation or running.

    “Alexa, play classical music for running.”

    Amazon says that over 500 activity prompts are included in the update, ranging from the more mundane — like meditation, working out, or falling asleep — to a bit more... creative scenarios like “getting pumped,” “hooking up,” or “baby making.” (Yes, all of those are real, actual commands Alexa will respond to now.)

    Users will also be able to request specific genres for their activities, too, so if you prefer to work out to Tchaikovsky instead of Taylor Swift, you’ll be able to specify commands like, “Alexa, play classical music for running.”

    The new update is available now on all Alexa-enabled devices, but like most of Alexa’s music playback functionality, you’ll want to be an Amazon Music subscriber to take advantage of it.

    Correction: Alexa will only respond to the prompt “play baby-making music”, not “play music for making babies”, as this post originally wrote. Additionally, the update is available immediately, not rolling out slowly.