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Best Buy will now send a salesperson to your house to sell you things

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Visits are free and start next month

Best Buy store

Best Buy is introducing a new free service next month where salespeople will come to your house to make recommendations about gadgets and services; or, as it’s also known: try to sell you more stuff. The service, already in testing in five markets, is being expanded to more cities around the US, as noted by the Associated Press.

Best Buy has found that shoppers spend more money when at home than in store. CEO Hubert Joly says the in-house service is one way the company will open up “latent” customer demand. Sales associates are responsible for promoting the service — when customers ask about certain products, the salesperson will suggest an in-home visit. The topics discussed during the home visits usually involve recommendations for products and gadgets, and other services. Best Buy says the salespeople working in the in-home service receive hourly rates, or a salary, and not commissions. The company already operates a “Geek Squad” facility, but that’s a paid service that offers repairs and installations.

Best Buy is fighting against companies like Amazon which draw in customers with heavy discounts and next-day delivery. Brick and mortar stores are struggling as people turn online, using physical stores as a showroom instead. Best Buy however has raised its full-year profit outlook, underpinned in part by strong sales of smart home devices, mobile phones, and appliances.