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Verizon is actually rolling out Android Oreo to Pixel devices in a timely fashion

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL

In a refreshingly nice change of pace, Verizon has started rolling out Android Oreo to Pixel devices purchased through the carrier, only a few days after the update was released for unlocked devices bought through Google (as noted by Android Police).

The biggest factor in Android updates getting delayed has historically been carriers, who need to go and separately certify software updates for each device they sell, even if its manufacturer has already released the update. This led to some concern from people who bought their Pixels through Verizon — which Google confirmed last year would be handling updates — that major software updates could lag behind the Google-sold unlocked versions.

To its credit, Verizon did promise at launch that it would be ensuring that Verizon Pixels would be receiving updates at the same time as devices bought directly through Google — a promise that it seems to have kept.

Correction: The original image on this post depicted a Nexus 6P, not a Google Pixel.