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TomTom will soon calculate your ‘fitness age’ and offer personalized workouts

TomTom will soon calculate your ‘fitness age’ and offer personalized workouts


Fitness age is the latest Thing in workout wearables

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TomTom, the Dutch company that makes mapping software, portable navigation devices, and GPS watches, will soon roll out a software update to its wearable devices that will calculate your fitness age.

But before you get too excited (or depressed) about the body age that TomTom is going to assign you, know this: TomTom is essentially taking measurement of a metric that’s already available on many fitness tracking watches, and comparing that to a global average to determine your “age.”

Through a free software update that will run on TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and TomTom Adventurer watches, TomTom will measure your VO2 Max, compare it to others in your age and gender group around the globe, and show you how you compare. From there, it will try to incentivize users by offering Fitness Points as they work towards their fitness age goals.

TomTom says it also plans to offer more workouts on its devices that are personalized to help people meet their fitness age goals.

Fitness age is a relatively new thing in the world of activity-tracking wearables. Gyms have been offering Polar-calculated BodyAge scores for more than a decade, but that requires more equipment.

In April of this year, Garmin said that it would be calculating fitness age from some of its wrist wearables, based on oxygen levels during a workout. Fitbit also shows users their Cardio Fitness Level compared with other people in their age range. Again, this is based on VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen your body can take in during exercise.

Now TomTom is getting on board, in the latest effort to offer more compelling wearable features through software.

TomTom says the fitness age feature will roll out to compatible watches next month.