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Tag yourself in this generic millennial ad made from stock footage

Tag yourself in this generic millennial ad made from stock footage


I’m the ukulele

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If you’ve spent much time online in recent years, you’re familiar with the tropes of advertisements aimed at millennials. Whether hawking a new app or a can of soda, marketers turn to the same techniques over and over. There’s the multicultural group of attractive friends laughing together at sunset. There’s the voiceover constantly insisting that, unlike all the other brands, this one truly gets you. And in the background, there’s the gentle humming guitar promising you that everything’s going to be OK.

Now we have a video that brings together all these tropes and more. Dissolve, a Canadian distributor of stock footage, has created an all-purpose ad for millennials using nothing but its own product and some cheeky voiceover. As spotted by Ad Age, it’s a sequel of sorts to the group’s 2014 hit, Generic Brand Video. And if you are a human who was born between roughly 1980 and 2000, you should watch this video and tag yourself.

Maybe you’re the office worker on the hoverboard. Maybe you’re the girl photographing her latte. Maybe you’re the group of dancing friends.

I am, and will always be, the ukulele.

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