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Essential Phone moves closer to availability with Best Buy listing

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Still no release date, though

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There still isn’t an exact release date for the Essential Phone following a series of delays, but it seems like we might be getting closer to the phone actually becoming available: Best Buy has put up listings for the upcoming device, as noted by Android Police.

The electronics retailer has two versions of the Essential Phone on offer. It’s dubbed it the PH-1, which is somehow both better and worse than just referring to it as the “Phone.” There’s a fully unlocked version designed for use on any network (including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) and a variant exclusive to Sprint.

Curiously, though, while the Essential Phone was announced to cost $699.99, only the unlocked version of the device — which again, will also work on Sprint — is being sold at that price tag. The Sprint variant was originally listed for an inexplicable $50 more at $749.99. That said, the higher price has since been taken down, so it’s possible this is simply an error on Best Buy’s part.