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We might get another poo emoji

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And a llama

Frowning poo emoji proposal Image: Unicode Consortium

It’s the glorious time of year again when our emoji-making overlords descend from the mountains with tales of smiling yellow faces that may one day join all the others on our phones. And this year, the potential emoji are plentiful.

The Unicode Consortium has approved 67 emoji for possible inclusion in version 11 of the Unicode standard, which defines emoji and a lot more important stuff about character standardization on computers and phones, too. Some of the emoji may get cut, but the ones that don’t should be on our phones in about a year.

Next year’s possible emoji include some real highlights. The most important of which, I am sorry to say / have the pleasure of informing you, is another poo emoji:

Frowning pile of poo emoji proposal
There is no way this does not get approved.
Image: Unicode Consortium

I hope everyone’s excited for this character in The Emoji Movie sequel.

Other proposed emoji include a superhero and a villain — except both are just a yellow face — as well as a face with a party hat, a face with anime eyes, and a face with eyes that say “OK,” which I don’t think corresponds with literally anything, but I guess I can foresee using it.

Emoji Images: Unicode Consortium

Moving away from faces, additional emoji possibilities include hair and the lack thereof, a leg, a tooth, a lab coat, a llama, hippo, parrot, and raccoon, and also a mango. Good news for New Yorkers: a bagel is also being considered.

Emoji Images: Unicode Consortium

You can go here to take a look at all of the proposals.

The Unicode Consortium says it’ll decide which emoji receive final approval in October, and the standard is likely to be officially released in the middle of 2018. Once that happens, it’s all just a matter of waiting for phone manufacturers to create their own version of each emoji and put it into a software update. Apple and Google have gotten pretty good about staying on top of emoji changes lately, so many of these should be showing up on our phones next year.