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New York Public Library now offers free Criterion Collection streaming to all members

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Beginning today, anyone with a Brooklyn or New York Public Library card can stream the Criterion Collection online for free. As Gothamist points out, the perk is the result of a new partnership with Kanopy, a streaming service available to public and university libraries.

The NYPL already has a bunch of movies available to stream online, but the Kanopy partnership adds 30,000 films to their database. This includes more than 400 movies in the Criterion Collection, like Eraserhead and The Blob.

New York is not the first public library to offer the Criterion Collection online. Kanopy says it’s already working with more than 4,000 public libraries globally. This includes the LA Public Library, Boulder Public Library, plus universities like McGill, Dartmouth, and Princeton.

Anyone with a NYPL card will be able to watch up to 10 movies per month, according to Gothamist. Each movie will be available for three days after you start watching.

There are only a few places to stream the Criterion Collection online. The collection was available on Hulu Plus for a few years, but the company abandoned ship in 2016, after it launched the art house streaming service FilmStruck with Turner Classic Movies.