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Watch, 10.5, 11, and the end of Apple's fallow years


Maybe we can argue the details, but we all know Apple's just beginning to hint at the end of a boring era of "the relentless pursuit of thinness," a highly lucrative period dating back to sometime between the launch of larger iPhones and the death of the Air as a viable "best laptop" recommendation.

at some point, Apple became its worst self - a choice you make based on ecosystem, or hype, or because you wish your phone was thinner. Even as Apple Car or TV or Shark Robot rumors circulted, here was so little else besides "thinner than before guys!"

Step 1 arguably was the Watch,

the ultimate post-hype sleeper project, which arrived with
fanfare and a few years later is quietly popping up on wrists

Step 2 was new iPads...

...yes even the "iPad" which surprised with a mass market price and the reasonable compromise of reverting to Air dimensions to lighten the load on our wallets. If nothing else, they tried ideas other than "more, thinner"

Step 3 may be iOS 11

- a classic Apple "buy our best hardware to get this" play that definitively makes "Pro" what it long has been - "a few more cool things" than the non-Pro version...and seems like some pretty cool things this time around.

It feels like Years since buying Apple gear was exciting

If you like the iPad, the new Pro is exciting enough.

Here's to a future where a trip to the Apple Store stops feeling like an arena show with your favorite nostalgia act. You're paying a premium, but never for what's new. Your just hoping that hearing the same songs again keeps the party going just a little longer...

There's zero - absolutely zero - exciting about any laptop Apple makes...

...I do dig the keyboard on the Pros, but then I see threads about the keys making a popping noise...and one clearly does not buy a new laptop for the keyboard.

in that context, all this iPad Pro iOS 11 talk is a welcome phones are vapor ware but it's clear enough we get a new design.

Love or hate Apple, when they make better stuff, it's good for everyone.

**note - old draft post that seems all the more relevant now that Apple's earnings are out. iPad sales up, and not by the bezel-thin margins of the touch are Pros.