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Microsoft reveals Spotify for Xbox One app

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Spotify is planning to launch an Xbox One app soon, and Microsoft has confirmed its existence today. Major Nelson’s latest “this week on Xbox” video includes a brief glimpse of Spotify running as a background app on the Xbox One, confirming that the app will work while games are played. The Spotify app, spotted by Reddit members, can be seen for around a second in the Xbox One Guide at around 9 minutes in Microsoft’s YouTube video (above).

The Verge revealed on Friday that Microsoft is currently testing Spotify for Xbox One internally, and the app will be available soon. Spotify arrived in the Windows Store recently as a desktop version for Windows 10 devices, and not a special Universal Windows App that works on Xbox One devices. It’s unlikely that the Spotify app for Xbox One will be a Universal Windows App, but it does mean Microsoft’s console will soon have access to the popular music streaming service, more than two years after Spotify first launched on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Spotify for Xbox One