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iPhone 7S dummy model points to a glass back and wireless charging

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Image: Sonny Dickson

Apple could be switching things up, if a couple of purported iPhone dummy models are to be believed. 9to5Mac received a couple images from leak specialist Sonny Dickson that depict next iteration of iPhones with a glass backing, which could mean that the models could have inductive charging as a feature.

Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone models next month: the iPhone 8, which will be a major overhaul for the phone — and which might not arrive until 2018, as well as a refresh to the iPhone 7 models.

Wireless charging is already expected for the overhauled iPhone 8, and if accurate, it seems as though Apple could be bringing that feature to consumers a bit early: earlier this summer, a couple of Foxxconn employees claimed that the 7S model would have an aluminum unibody instead of a glass chassis and that they wouldn’t have wireless charging.