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Amazon relists Blu phones after a ‘false alarm’ over security concerns

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Sales were suspended over concerns of preloaded spyware

BLU Products Vivo 4.3

Earlier this week, Amazon suspended sales of Miami-based Android phone company Blu after reports that they once again contained apps that collected user data. In a statement to Engadget, the company explained that it was a “false alarm,” and that sales of the devices have resumed.

Amazon pulled Blu phones last October following reports that the company’s Blu R1 HD was being sold with software from Chinese app maker Shanghai Adups Technology Co. which collected user data. The phones went back on sale at Amazon after the company pledged to update its policies on third-party software. Last week, cybersecurity firm Kryptowire said that it found that the software was still found on some of the company’s phones, which prompted Amazon to once again suspend sales of the company’s devices.

Yesterday, Blu tweeted that this latest incident was a “false alarm,” and tells Engadget and Tom’s Guide that any data that’s collected is what’s “standard for OTA functionality,” and that individual user security and privacy isn’t affected.