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Cheapest Zoom+SlowMo setup to film cycling event (help!)


I really need some help here.

Looking for a cheapest way to film a slow-mo for cycling event in day time which may require a zoom lenses to achieve a close up+ nice dept of field.
The set up will be put at a corner where the cyclist riding toward and bend out which will be only in focus for a couple of seconds. (with speed around20-25km/h)
I will need 2-3 sets of it to cover different area of the route so would love it to be very cheap.
I think I would love to go with is 60fps and use some plug in to cheat it but i don't mind any 120fps with a nice price
This is a kind of shot that am looking toward to for this setup still this is amateur hobby stuff which I would love to keep it that way .


ps. sorry about my english

Thank you in advance :D