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Venmo adds QR codes to easily find friends

Venmo is super useful for sending money to friends, but the toughest part may be actually finding them in the app. I personally have had the frustrating experience of not actually knowing my Venmo username on several occasions. The company is now working to make that process even easier by following in the footsteps of apps like Snapchat by adding custom QR codes that you can use to add a friend, as noted by TechCrunch.

The QR codes are generated automatically in the latest update for iOS and Android. The update also adds a “Scan Code” option to the menu, as well as a quick link to your custom code by your profile picture. Scanning a code opens up a link to the user’s profile, where it’s easy to request or send money, as well as add them as a friend for future transactions.

The QR code update for Venmo is available now on Android and iOS.