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Cesar Millan and Audible think audiobooks can help your dog stay calm while you’re gone

Cesar Millan and Audible think audiobooks can help your dog stay calm while you’re gone


Cats are left out of this for now

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Audible and Cesar Millan have teamed up to make a free guide to playing audiobooks for your dog. Millan, who has made a famous career of advising people on how to train and care for their dogs, has now turned to using audiobooks as a means of maintaining calm in dogs who are home alone waiting for their owners to return. Some dogs who are home alone tend to experience separation issues and have trouble staying relaxed.

The free guide is called Audible for Dogs. Millan also made a curated rotating selection of audiobook titles available with personalized introductions from himself about their canine appeal. Millan picked out assorted titles from Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes by Maria Goodavage.

According to Millan’s research at his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, audiobooks were found to potentially help dogs cope with stress, depression, and boredom at home. Out of 100 dog volunteers, 76 percent of dogs behaved in a more calm and relaxed manner after listening to the audiobooks over a four-week period, according the press release. The audiobooks were found to be more effective than music.

“If you’re going to leave some kind of sound behind, when your dog is alone, make sure it’s something that keeps them calm,” says Millan in a behind-the-scenes video. “The sound of the audiobook is going to take the dog into a very resting state.”

“It’ll be like having a friend that I’m leaving him with, rather than just leaving him by himself,” says Leslie in a case study video. The press release teases that, in the guide, you’ll learn how sound volume tends to affect dogs and how dogs prefer narrators that are of the same gender as their primary owner.