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What if the Next iPhone Hardware is Just Another Android Clone?



All we have to speculate over is this render above ^^^

Err, I mean the render below:


Not that one, of course, scroll down a bit for it:

Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the new iPhone!!!


So, what if the new iPhone hardware is just another Android clone? What if it comes with a moderate processor upgrade, an adequate amount of RAM, a decent camera, and a gimmick to make it stand out, like a 2X camera that is no better than cropping a Google Pixel photo at 2X or iris / face scanning like the Galaxy S8?


What if it's like LG, Huawei, Samsung & Nexus/Pixel Phones with a fingerprint reader on the back? Will the iPhone masses revolt over this?


What could Tim Cook's phone possibly do differently from other Android phones to make it stand out? ARKit? Will it stand out at all. Or will just end up being like one of a thousand Android clones?

Even Meizu is getting in on this trend:


My source of inspiration.

Reticulating poll splines...