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Razer's new mouse has a clutch for your thumb

Razer's new mouse has a clutch for your thumb

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Before today I didn't know I needed a clutch on my mouse, but now I'm wondering how I ever lived without. Razer's new Basilisk gaming mouse has a customizable clutch for your thumb. It seems to be best suited for actions that are more of a "press-and-hold" kind of a thing than a single "click" moment. Push-to-talk is the first thing that comes to mind.

Razer's default configuration for the clutch is as a temporary DPI adjustment, which is often useful for sniping scenarios — you want high sensitivity to move your scope large distances, and then low sensitivity to make micro adjustments in service of a headshot.

But Razer also mentions that this clutch would be useful for "item pick-up," which reminds me that PUBG is the most popular game in the known universe right now and that it's basically an extended item pick-up simulator. I don't really know how a clutch is a more convenient way to pick up items than a keyboard or traditional mouse button binding, but basically at this point I'd do anything to improve my abysmal PUBG performance.


The Basilisk mouse has the same 16,000 DPI optical sensor that Razer puts in its DeathAdder Elite and Lancehead Tournament Edition mice. It also has traditional buttons on the side of the mouse, and dedicated buttons for changing DPI as well. You can also twist a dial on the bottom of the mouse to adjust the scroll wheel resistance, which is interesting. Oh, and if you really hate the clutch you can swap it out for a rubber thumb cap and just forget all about this crazy idea.

The mouse will be available in September for $69.99.