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Microsoft reveals release date for Windows Mixed Reality headsets

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Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s PC partners have been gradually unveiling their Windows Mixed Reality headsets at IFA this week, all promising vague fall or October release dates. Microsoft is now officially revealing that the first headsets will be available on October 17th for consumers, alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Mixed Reality headsets will start at $299 from Acer, with HP pricing its own at $450 (with motion controllers) and Dell / Lenovo pricing theirs at $349. Asus won’t be releasing its Windows Mixed Reality headset until Spring 2018, despite showing off its unique polygon design at IFA this week. It’s the most expensive headset in the range at approximately $535, and it’s not clear why the company is releasing it months after competitors.

We got a chance to take a much closer look at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets at IFA this week. The experience is very similar to Oculus Touch and current VR experiences. Microsoft will allow Mixed Reality users to run universal apps from the Windows Store and place holograms from HoloLens into a virtual “Cliff House” environment. Windows Mixed Reality will also include access to SteamVR games and some games from the Windows Store. If you want to know more about Windows Mixed Reality then check out our explainer and hands-on experience here.

Update September 1st 3:08PM ET: This post has been updated to clarify pricing from HP.