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Peek inside the Steve Jobs Theater ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8 event

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Let the guessing games begin

Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater

Up until now, we’ve only been able to see renderings and above-ground images / video of Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater, but thanks to a tipster and Mac Magazine, some images of the theater’s interior under construction have been posted online.

The 1,000-seat theater sits outside of Apple Park’s main ring on a hill that overlooks the main campus. Since it sits mostly underground, what the theatre looks like inside has largely remained a mystery. But, these construction images give a better idea of what to expect at Apple’s iPhone 8 event on September 12th.

Granted, with everything covered in plastic and things like temporary railings in place, it’s hard to tell what the final product will look like. The layout, though, does mirror what Neil Cybart posted on Twitter a few days ago, as 9to5Mac points out. The exhibit space sits in the center of the two-story lobby, with staircases wrapping around each side. Upon walking down, it then feeds into the auditorium, which has stadium seating. The theater appears to have a generous amount of light wood surfaces, though, again, it remains to be seen what the actual finishes will be.

Originally envisioned by Steve Jobs, the entirety of Apple Park has 2.8 million square feet of space, most of which is devoted to green space. When it is opened, the campus will feature, among other things, an R&D facility, on-site Apple store, two miles of running and hiking paths, and will have one of the largest solar energy installations in the world.