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Twitter is experimenting with a feature that lets you compose tweetstorms

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The feature is currently hidden and not being publicly tested

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Sometimes, it takes more than 140 characters to get a thought across on Twitter: only a tweetstorm will do. The long threads have become pretty common in the last couple of years, and it looks like Twitter has developed a way to compose threads ahead of time, and publish them simultaneously.

Someone passed along screenshots to Matt Navarra, Director of Social Media for The Next Web, (via Recode and Techcrunch) which he says were taken on an Android phone depicting the feature in action. The unlaunched feature isn’t live and Techcrunch notes that they’re not being publicly tested. Twitter declined to comment to both publications, and it’s not clear when, or if, it’ll ever be launched.

Image: Devesh Logendran
Image: Devesh Logendran

Presently, composing a thread means replying to the previously published Tweet. This can take a bit of time, and it’s easy to screw up (especially if you keep replying to the original tweet in the chain), so if it’s ever rolled out, it looks like it could simply the entire process.