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The new Apple TV 4K will be a much more powerful streaming box than its predecessor

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Information from the huge leak in the iOS 11 Golden Master build continues to trickle in, and developer Steve Troughton-Smith has just revealed detailed specs about the upcoming Apple TV, via AppleInsider.

According to Troughton-Smith, Apple’s new set-top box will be called the Apple TV 4K, and it will offer a three-core A10X Fusion processor (similar to the one currently found on Apple’s 2017 iPad Pro models), and 3GB of RAM. It’s a pretty big jump from the existing fourth-generation Apple TV, which has an A8 processor and 2GB of RAM. Presumably, the Apple TV 4K will need the extra power to smoothly play dramatically larger 4K video files.

These new specs are in addition to the other information discovered by Troughton-Smith about the new Apple TV model from over the weekend, which include the device’s native 2160p resolution, support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision for HDR video, and a minimum requirement of a 15Mbps connection for 4K video streaming.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple TV 4K at its event tomorrow.